Uruguay - "Obras Sanitarias del Estado" (OSE)

"This is one of those small great achievements. We're always solving or trying to solve problems... It's a subject which cities have had to deal with. And indeed crossing an unpleasant odour area is an important life quality problem"

"The good thing about this solution is that it was very low cost; as low cost that we did it for a plant that within two years won't exist anymore... And besides equipments are practically transportable... We are facing a national technology development y a public company we are proud to say: we are solving a problem, we are promoting research and national development and we're doing it with our own people."

Source: Dr. Ing. Martín Ponce de León. President of OSE. Presentation of report on installation of SIS Technology for odours propagation's control in "Punta del Chileno" Plant (Punta del Este). April 25th, 2010.

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