Scalability may be well defined as the "ability to scale". Other acknowledged definition says "How well a solution to some problem will work when the size of the problem increases".

SIS is the only frost protection method available on market with SUSTAINABLE SCALABILITY: 

- as the protected area increases, investment and operating costs per ha significantly decrease
- even in very large areas, the environmental impact is almost zero

Cost-effective protection of large areas of crops with relatively low income (like citrus, olives, corn, canola, sugarcane, coffee, etc) is possible by using larger SIS machines. SIS M15 and SIS M25 were designed with this application in mind. These machines can also frost protect large areas of high value crops like vineyards, with a very low cost per ha.
For small damage areas like cold frost pockets, swales or frosty valleys of high value crops, the SIS gives simply the best frost protection. Due to theexistence of small machines such as SIS M2.5 and the very efficient SIS operation working under undulating fields, several SIS solutions are available for you.   




                                 imagen economia escala 1                                        imagen economia escala 2

                                           1 SIS M 25 protecting 20 has of vineyards                                                             1 SIS M 2.5 protecting 1 ha of vineyards