We invite you to learn about the complete series of products associated to SIS Technology. These products make up a family of possible solutions that are adapted to the specific needs of the growers who suffer frost damage in their orchards:

1- The family of Selective Inverted Sinks (SIS), which are the core of the SIS System.
2- Artificial curtains or barriers of light material which are used to facilitate SIS action, just in some specific applications.
3- The Technical Study that is conducted for every SIS System application in each particular case




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The SIS units are simple mechanical devices, easily installed and maintained.

Operation can be achieved through electrical motors, internal combustion engines (gasoline, or diesel) or operated through the power take off (PTO) of a tractor. If electrical motors are used these may be connected to a network or electrical input may be obtained from mobile electrical generation equipment.  FPC has a wide experience in all these types of operation and in every case, the type or a combination of different operation systems is decided jointly with growers, according to their preference and installed infrastructure.

Regarding mechanical maintenance of the equipment, specific reference to this aspect is found in the Technical Study provided to the grower when he purchases the SIS for his orchard.Required maintenance actions are explained in detail in the study, according to the SIS model and available operation facilities.

As for installation of the equipment, in those cases in which the SIS is not purchased mounted in the factory, on delivery the grower will receive detailed instructions that will allow him to easily install the equipment with averagely qualified mechanical supporting personnel.



In some specific applications, SIS System includes cold air diversion curtains which significantly increase SIS performance by enhancing selective extraction of the coldest air in the orchard. These curtains are proposed in the Technical Study that is conducted in every SIS System application, by indicating their precise location within property area, lenght and height. In most curtain applications, the average height is 1.5 m, thus not representing major logistical problems within ochard.

These curtains must be completely impervious to the passage of air and may be either natural or artificial.

Natural curtains can be made using rapid growth plants with dense foliage so that cold air cannot pass through them. These curtains require minimal care, are completely integrated in the orchard's landscape and do not require supervision at frosty nights. Their main handicap is that as a rule, they cannot be available immediately; they have to be planted in the adequate season and then the time for growth and development usually takes more than one year.

Artificial curtains are built of different materials, depending on local facilities for their installation. These materials, according to the wide experience of FPC, may be wood, diverse material or light plastic fabrics. In this last case, the corresponding Technical Study provides detailed information regarding on site curtain manufacturing, or otherwise, already manufactured curtains, ready to be installed, will be provided.

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