SIS Technology has as its core the Selective Inverted Sink (SIS). This is a mechanical equipment that, in atmospheric conditions of radiation frosts, selectively drains the colder air, which causes damages to the crop. This drainage avoids the cold air accumulation at the orchard throughout the night. SIS device drains the coldest air ejecting it upwards out of the crop area in the form of a vertical jet.

The number of SIS units to be used in each case, the model of SIS unit to be used and the precise location of the equipment whitin the property are the result of a detailed Technical Study delivered for every client. In this Technical Study, several additional passive control measures are recommended for each suited orchard. More information on the contents of the Technical Study is included in the Section "SIS Products" of this chapter.

Hereafter you may download additional information regarding the frost phenomena and diverse features typical of radiation frost. This information can be found in the document entitled "Radiation Frost Characteristics"; "How the Selective Inverted Sink works in a flat and horizontal topography" and  "How the Selective Inverted Sink works in a topography on slope" according to your case.

We recommend you to read these documents in the order they were mentioned above.

  1. Radiation Frost Characteristics
  2. How the Selective Inverted Sink works in a flat and horizontal topography
  3. How the Selective Inverted Sink works in a topography on slope