Our company (FPC) provides several service areas concerning control of phenomena associated with the atmosphere stratification. The stratification of the atmosphere occurs on clear (cloudless) and calm (windless) nights and it is in this scenario that diverse phenomena occur which affect in one way or another, different aspects of human activity.

These phenomena are: radiation frosts, the propagation of odours, the propagation of very fine dust (PM10) and radiation fogs.

Regarding radiation frosts, a phenomenon that generates significant damage to crops that are planted in temperate areas of the world, FPC has successfully developed the technology of Selective Inverted Sinks (TSIS) aimed to control such damage with investment and operating costs substantially lower than those demanded by other technologies available today and with zero environmental impact. Also referring to the action of frost on crops FPC offers the realization of Frost Risk Studies for assessing the impact of the phenomenon on land and crops which are not yet planted.

Regarding odours and very fine dust propagation, phenomena that affect the welfare and health of many millions of people worldwide,  FPC has applied its extensive experience in controlling frost to control odours and dust. In these two areas SIS’ installations, by capture and displacement of odour and dust towards the “cloud of discharge” located tens of meters above the ground, prevent odour or dust to reach populations located kilometers away from the emission points. For it the necessary investments are low compared to other modalities of control and with no environmental impact.

In regard to the control of radiation fogs, very serious phenomenon that affects visibility on roads and causes thousands of serious accidents in the world, FPC provides by applying the TSIS a control of the phenomenon with  comparatively low costs in respect of road installations of different types without environmental impact.