1- Brief history

Patents protecting the intellectual property of the SIS system are effective from the nineties until the end of the second decade of two thousand. This has not prevented, by virtue of the success this system has come to obtain in the most demanding markets, the emergence of copies of the SIS device in at least three countries in the world (New Zealand, USA and Argentina).

In these cases FPC acts using the corresponding legal instruments but it should be noted that the existence of such instruments does not necessarily ensure that these offers of copies of the SIS device, without the legal authorization of FPC, continue occurring in the world.

Therefore on this page it is explained the risks that a producer who acquires a copy of the SIS or the SIS system itself from a distributor not authorized by FPC is exposed (the list of authorized representatives of FPC in the world can be seen at this web site, in the section entitled "Authorized Distributors").

2- Risks for the producer who buys the SIS system to an unauthorized distributor

2.1- The acquired SIS system or the copy operates with low or very low efficiency

As explained in detail in Section "What is the SIS system?" of this site, determining the number, model or type of SIS and its precise location in the field it is the result of an analysis and quantitative evaluation of the cold air flows over the topography of the property. This analysis is possible with the theoretical and the calculation tools that FPC has developed over the past decade with the support of qualified academic and technical advisers on fluids, thermodynamics and numerical modeling. Both the theoretical and the calculation tools have been contrasted with a long and diverse experience in installing more than 2000 SIS in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

Therefore the consequence of acquiring a copy of the SIS system is the installation of an equipment whose action against frost is usually far below than the potential of an authorized SIS system and designed by FPC.

2.2- The low quality of the main mechanical components (propellers, gearboxes and motors) reduces the lifetime of the equipment

Equipment built by FPC directly or through their authorized representatives (see "Authorized Distributors" section on this site) have propellers, gearboxes and motors supplied by reliable providers which have been supplying these components to FPC from a long period of time.

3- Conclusion

If you are a producer interested in knowing and eventually installing a SIS protection system against frost on your property that is genuine and therefore tested and successful, do not use a possible local provider unless it is on the list of authorized representatives, found in the "Authorized Distributors" section of this site. In the event that your country do not have an authorized representative, contact us directly as explained in the "Contact" section of this site.